About Grey Boutique

Where it all started..

Grey is warm and mysterious- to me, it exudes strength and confidence. It also happens to be one of my favorite colors (along with black, purple, and red). I have always had a passion for fashion and a dream of owning my own business.


In January, after leaving a boutique in Estes Park Colorado called Grey House I knew exactly what I wanted to do. With so much love and support from my family and friends, the journey to find a storefront began. It wasn't long before 9746 E. 21st N. and Webb wasn't just a dream. A lease was signed and construction began in mid-July.


There were challenges and setbacks- like the coronavirus- but, with support behind me and a dream ahead of me I felt strongly about moving forward. Determination to accomplish my dream paid off and a few months later, after a very successful soft opening (girls night) on October 3rd- I opened Grey Boutique to the public on October 5th.

The heart behind Grey Boutique..

Each item that is sold in Grey Boutique was specifically chosen with consideration of our customers. I want to bring my customers the latest styles and trends with the best quality and prices. Since opening my boutique, I have been to Market three times and handpicked each item with my mind set on bringing them just that!


Grey Boutique isn't only about fashion- there is a touch of personal too. One of the challenges I experienced while the boutique was in the making was the passing of my beloved dog Maxwell. In his memory, there is a corner for all those dog lovers out there who love their dogs as much as I love/ed Max to shop for their fur babies.


My mission at Grey Boutique is to make sure everyone who walks through the door feels welcome and has a great experience- going above and beyond so that they are excited to return.


-Lesa Dreifort